May 30, 2021

TF injection (Covid vaccination) journal


[May 30th, 3:58 AM]: Feeling pretty nervous and I have no idea why. This shot has given me some unexpected anxiety. I know the chances of something horrible happening are extremely low but I just can’t seem to shake this anxious feeling. I’m going to try and get some sleep.

[May 30th, 10:31 AM]: Getting ready to leave for the appointment. I stayed in bed for as long as possible. I’m not feeling as anxious as earlier this morning but some still remains.

[May 30th, 11:07 AM] Sitting at the pharmacy waiting for them to call my name. I’m still less anxious as earlier but that small amount is still just nagging me in the back of my mind. My palms are slightly sweaty.

[May 30th, 11:14 AM] Got the injection, it was simple enough. The nurse was very nice and I asked if I should look out for any scales or a long tail forming. The nurse genuinely laughed and said it would be cool if we got to pick what we turned into.

[May 30th, 6:21 PM] Several hours have passed since the injection and I’m happy to report nothing has emerged. The site of injection is sore but that’s it. I hope it stays that way.

[May 30th, 11:33 PM] 12 hours have passed since receiving the injection. The injection site has gotten increasingly sore but it is still only a mild discomfort. Going to sleep for the night. I’ve been told that side effects start after the first night. I suppose we’ll have to see.

[May 31st, 6:56 AM] Slept ok, pain at the injection site thankfully has not increased. At this point, it feels just as if someone has punched me really hard on my arm. No other side effects to report as of now. I think I’m going to go back to bed though…

[June 1st, 5:19 PM] This will be my final entry for Dose 1 of the vaccine. It seems I have been spared any significant side effects. The injection site is basically no longer sore with some very minor soreness still there. Here’s to hoping that Dose 2 will go just as smoothly.


[June 20th, 11:09 AM] Sitting in the waiting room for my second dose of the TF injection. I’m not nervous at all but there is still a slight “what if I’m one of those that something bad happens?” hopefully all will go well. Knock on wood as they say…

[June 20th, 11:20 AM] Got the second dose of the TF injection. Nurse did kinda warm us the some people feel the most sick with the second dose. I hope that’s not the case but we’ll see. Is it weird that I asked my body to not do something stupid? lol


[November 28th] It seems everyone 18+ (in the US) is eligible for a 3rd dose of either vaccination (once it has been 6 months after your last dose). I honestly don’t think I’m gonna go for it. I’m not really sure what to think…

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