April 7, 2021

Resident Evil Village’s “Big lady” Lady Dimitrescu has big feet

As the release date of Resident Evil Village approaches (05/07/21), Capcom has been giving us a steady drip of information. The game will feature some sort of Werewolf like enemies, and rumors of the main character being a Werewolf as well (if the cover art tells us anything). For those who are not familiar with Resident Evil Village, you can see a story trailer here.

The latest news comes to us via an IGN interview with Art director Tomonori Takano. He has revealed more information about Alcina Dimitrescu better known as Lady Dimitrescu. Since the showcase back in January, Lady Dimitrescu is the Internet’s latest obsession (and for good reason!). As one of the main antagonists in the game, she stands at a towering 9’6” (2.9 meters) tall. The tallest female ever reported was Sandy Allen who stood 7’7″ (2.3 meters) tall. With height like that, it is safe to say Lady Dimitrescu has earned her unofficial title as “big lady”.

Height is not the only new piece of information we received from the Art Director. Takano was also asked about the size of Lady Dimitrescu feet. (This would be a question I would ask too so I am glad they did as well). Taking Lady Dimitrescu’s height into consideration, it is not surprising Takano came back with some rather large numbers. Lady Dimitrescu feet measure 44cm so around size 20(?) in the US and 50.5(?) in Europe sizes. The record holder for biggest female feet in the world is currently Julie Felton with size 15.5 in US and 49.5 in Europe.

Lady Demitriscu’s heels
High heels were scanned to create Lady Demitriscu’s shoes in Resident Evil Village.

I am personally excited to play Resident Evil Village both as my very first RE game and the possibility of playing a Werewolf. I have never been a fan of playing spoopy games, but I will make an exception this time. Expect this game to be played at the station and of course the whole playthrough to be posted here as well.

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