April 17, 2021

She-Hulk begins filming in Atlanta!

She-Hulk Logo

Update 4-23-21: Instagram account Atlanta Filming seemes to have captured pre-green Tatiana Maslany in a bright yellow UCLA sweatshirt on set. I would have a smile like that too if I knew I was going to Hulk out later.

Original story:

From Avatar Korra to Abigail “Abby” Anderson, I have a special place in my heart for buff ladies. One such lady is She-Hulk aka Jennifer Walters. In case you’re unfamiliar, Miss Walters is the daughter of Los Angeles County Sheriff William Walters. Taking after dad, Jennifer is a successful defense attorney who often takes cases that appeal to her sense of justice and that hasn’t made her many friends. A crime boss by the name of Nicholas Trask attempts to assassinate Jennifer. Luckily, the big man himself Bruce Banner aka Hulk is Jennifer’s cousin. In a desperate attempt to save his cousin’s life, Bruce gives her an emergency blood transfusion. This transfusion saves Jennifer’s life but in doing so, also turns her into She-Hulk, a green and very muscular lady 💪. (learn more about She-Hulk here)

Unlike her cousin, She-Hulk retains her intelligence and personality from her less green form.

My excitement could not be contained when ‘She-Hulk’ was announced as an original series coming to Disney+. Although she initially denied the rumors, Tatiana Maslany was revealed to be cast as the show’s heroine.

artist’s rendition

Although pushed back by recent global events, ‘She-Hulk’ has begun production in Atlanta, Georgia. Filming will occur at Trilith Studios (same location as the Avenger’s movies) and is expected to wrap around August 2021. The show’s production will operate under the pseudonym “Clover” while filming is underway. A clear timeline hasn’t been made available but the show will probably stream on Disney+ in 2022. There are also rumors about Mark Ruffalo (Hulk) and Tim Roth (Abomination) to reprise their roles but we’re not here to talk about them 😉

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